Ali Zayni is a self-taught digital artist born in Baghdad, Iraq. He is a member of the Iraqi Artists Association, the Iraqi Society of Plastic Artists and Jordan Plastic Art Association, as well as the Iraqi Dental Association.

Zayni obtained his B.D.S from College of Dentistry in Baghdad University in 1991. His passion for the arts began with music at an early age, as he played the Accordion and Keyboard at the age of 8 years-old. He then became interested in Oud and studied on the hands of Mr. Salem Abdul Kareem, Dean of Institute of Musical Studies, from 1990 and until 1995; in addition to taking courses with Mr. Ali Al Imam of Bayet Al Maqam Al Iraqi in 1994.

Post-graduation, Zayni translated his love of music into clay, so he proceeded to take courses in Ceramics at the Youth Center in Baghdad, 1992. On the same year, he took his passion a step further and studied under the Iraqi artist, Jamil Hammudi, then continued his studies of sculpture at the Institute of Art and Traditional Crafts for the academic year 1994-1995. He also took a course in graphic Art in 1998 at Darat Al Funun in Amman.

Zayini held a solo exhibition in Ur art gallery in Amman, Jordan in 2015, Solo exhibition in Orfali art gallery in Amman, Jordan in 2016. He has also participated in group exhibitions such as Dar Alanda Gallery in Amman 2007, Arab Art festival in Dubai 2015, and Graphic art symposium in Tunisia 2016.

In order to promote Iraqi Art worldwide, Zayni founded and administered the in 1997, and in 1999.
Since 1995, he has lived and worked in Amman, Jordan.
Prayer - دعاء

110 x 90 cm
Giclée on paper


Ali Zayni
Ali Zayni
Ali Zayni
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